With thousands of Stock (also known as shares or equities) available on the International markets, choosing the right stocks and strategy can be challenging.

We have a team of investment advisors who specialise in stocks and who assist our clients in making the right investment decisions based on their profile, we provide clients access to our research resources and provide stock picks and suggestions to suit a variety of investment strategies.


Take Advantage of our expertise

We have been investing in the International Stock Markets since 1972.

  • We access the markets in real time, thus ensuring that our clients obtain the fastest execution in the market at any point in time.
  • We offer access to virtually any Stock on all major exchanges.
  • We produce a daily blog prior to market open allowing clients to gain valuable insight on trading.


Low cost stock trading

  • We offer competitive, transparent fees for both offline and online trading.
  • We do not charge annual custody fees
  • We do not charge corporate action processing fees or W8-BEN processing fees.
  • We do not charge any additional fees for nominee services.
  • Dedicated fixed income research.


Online Monitoring & Trading

We offer our clients the possibility to monitor their Equity portfolio online, via CCTrader™ can also submit live orders online. Find out more about monitoring and trading Stocks on our online platform  CCTrader™ here.


Investing with Calamatta Cuschieri

For more information you can contact one of our investment advisors on +356 25 688 688 or fill in an online form using the contact section.