5 Reasons to choose CC Funds

CC Funds are run by a dedicated team of investment professionals at Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management who actively manage the funds on a daily basis.

The Funds operate under the UCTIS structure which has become the gold standard for EU investment funds for retail investors. UCITS funds are ideal for retail investors as they have been specifically designed to ensure diversification and liquidity through distinct parameters, permitted asset classes and investment restrictions as set out in EU law.

Here are a few reasons for investors to choose our funds.


Maximise Return

We seek to run our funds as efficiently as possible, our active management style is aimed at maximizing return to investors.


CC Research

We aim for strong investment performance through original thinking and first-hand research.


We Keep it Simple

We keep things simple, we do not over trade, we do our research, pick good companies and hold them.


First hand Knowledge

We understand the companies and the countries we are investing in.


Track Record

We have been in asset management since 1972.