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Tumas Investments p.l.c. €25,000,000 6.2% 2017-2020 Bond Allotment Policy

Tumas Investments p.l.c. €25,000,000 6.2% 2017-2020 Bond Allotment Policy

The Board of Directors of Tumas Investments p.l.c. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce the allotment policy to be applied in respect of the applications received upon opening of subscription lists on Friday 25th June 2010.

Overall demand for the bonds was high reaching a total of 4,436 applications for a grand total value of €42,965,400. The Company closed the subscription lists shortly after opening, exercising in full the Over-allotment Option.

Tumas Investments p.l.c. received a total of 1,109 applications for a value of €12,903,000 from Preferred Applicants as holders of the maturing 6.7% Bonds 2010-2012, which represents an acceptance rate of circa 80% after taking into consideration the receipt of top-up amounts. These applications will be met in full.

Out of a total of 4,436 applications, 3,327 represented new applications from the general public. These applications represented a value of €30,062,400. Due to the over-whelming demand, the Directors of the Company decided to allot a minimum of €4,000 to each Applicant together with a further allotment of 5.312% rounded to the nearest €100 nominal, therefore circa 44.60% of total applications from the general public will be met in full.

If one takes into account the applications received from Preferred Applicants, the number of applications which are being allotted in full total circa 58% of all applicants.

Interest on the Bonds will commence as from Saturday 10th July 2010. Allotment letters and refunds of un-allocated monies will be paid by not later than Friday 9th July 2010. The Bonds are expected to be admitted to the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange on Thursday 15th July 2010, and trading is expected to commence on Friday 16th July 2010.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the investing public, financial intermediaries and the banks for their strong and widespread support.

Ray Sladden
Company Secretary