About Saving

When is the right time to start saving for retirement or for my children?

CC Momentum™ Savings Plan

Who is the savings plan for?
What are the benefits of saving with the CC Momentum™ savings plan?
What is the minimum amount I can put into the savings plan each month?
Is there a maximum amount I can save each month?
Can I pause and resume my savings plan whenever I like?
Can I stop my savings plan whenever I like? Are there any fees involved?
How does compound interest work?
Is it capital guaranteed?
Where does the savings plan invest? What about the different strategies?
How much should I expect from the Bond or Equity portion of my savings?
Which strategy should I choose?
How much is the cost for opening and maintaining a CC Momentum account?
Is there any cost to setup or maintain a direct debit with my bank?
What is the fee deducted from my contributions?

How to apply

How do I apply for CC Momentum™ Savings Plan?