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Malta Government Bonds- Pricing of New Stocks Announced

The Government of Malta will be launching the first issue of Malta Government Stocks for the year 2015. Prices and yields are available hereunder:

(a) 2.0% MGS 2020 (V) FI at 105.75% for every €100 nominal giving a yield to maturity of 0.937% per annum;
(b) 3.0% MGS 2040 (I) at 100% (par) for every €100 nominal giving a yield to maturity of 3.000% per annum.

(c) any combination of the above two Stocks which shall in the aggregate be Euro 120,000,000 subject to an over-allotment option of Euro 60,000,000 in the event of over-subscription.

Each application by any single and/or joint applicants is to be made in multiples of €100 and must not exceed €100,000 per person.

Opening of Applications

Applications will open on Monday 23rd February and close on Wednesday 25th February for the General Public while tenders in the form of sealed bids will be accepted until noon on Monday 2 March.

Orders may be raised directly through Webtrader or by contacting your respective investment advisor for retail investors which do not exceed EUR100,000. For applications in the form of sealed bids (auction) please contact the trading desk on [email protected] or 25688 150.

Applications should be recieved in full by Wednesday 25th February at 10:00 am.

A copy of the prospectus is available HERE.

A copy of the report is available HERE.