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NEW ISSUE – 6.8% Premier Capital 2017-2020

Premier Capital plc will be issuing €20,000,000 bonds of a nominal value of €100 per bond redeemable at par at the rate of 6.8% per annum. The bond has an over-allotment Option of an additional €5,000,000. The bonds will be redeemed on 15th March 2020 unless the Company exercises the option to call the bond between 16th March 2017 and 14th March 2020.

Use of Proceeds

The proceeds raised from the Bond Issue, shall be used for:

(i) For the financing of the Group’s expansion and development strategies, on the basis of which the Group will focus its efforts during the 36-month period following the Bond Issue on:

a. Identifying and securing title on land and/or premises for development or conversion (as the case may be) into McDonald’s restaurants (both drive-through and in-store) in key locations. Although at present such key locations are expected to fall within the jurisdictions in which the Group already operates, the Group’s management does not exclude the possibility that in the event that the franchisor awards the Group with development licenses and franchises in respect of further territories, new development and expansion opportunities will be sought in countries other than Malta, Estonia, Lithuania or Latvia; and

b. Remodeling McDonald’s restaurants presently operated by the Premier Group, including but not limitedly through the conversion of such outlets into hybrid McDonald’s restaurants and McCafés;

and for:

(ii) For the part-refinancing of the Group’s existing bank debt (up to an amount of €7,600,000)

Bond Details

Coupon 6.8%
Issue Price 100 (Par)
Size of Issue €20 million & €5 million oversubscription option
Interest Payment Dates 15th March (Annually)
Maturity date 15th March 2020 or any day between 16th March 2017 and 14th March 2020

Time Table

Placement opens on: 18th March 2010
Offer to the general public opens on: 24th March 2010

Minimum application for bonds

General Offer € 1,000

The Prospectus for this issue is available here.

The Information Memorandum for this issue is available here.

An application form for this issue is available here.

For advice on whether this bond issue is suitable for inclusion in your investment portfolio please contact one of our investment advisors on 25 688 688 or send us an email on [email protected]