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NEW ISSUE – 6.25% Corinthia Finance p.l.c. 2016-2019


New Bond Issue

”The Board of Directors of Corinthia Finance p.l.c. announces that it has submitted an application to the Listing Authority to offer €15,000,000 in new Bonds redeemable in 2019, but which may be redeemed earlier between 2016 and 2019. The Bonds will be guaranteed by Corinthia Palace

Hotel Company Limited, the Issuer’s parent company. These new Bonds will be interchangeable with the 6.25% Corinthia Finance Bonds issued in accordance with the prospectus dated 28th August 2009, and will be merged as one Bond on the next interest payment date falling on the 23rd September 2010.

Subject to the Listing Authority granting its approval to the admissibility to listing on a regulated market, the funds which will be raised by this Bond are principally earmarked for the redemption of the 6.5% Corinthia Finance p.l.c. Bond 2010 (the “Maturing Bond”) which matures on 8th April 2010.

The Issuer will be giving preference to holders of the 6.5% Corinthia Finance p.l.c. Bonds 2010 who indicate their willingness to surrender their existing holding in favour of a holding in the new Bonds.

The Board therefore announces that it will consider 5th February 2010 as the cut-off date, and bondholders on the register on such date will be entitled to the foregoing preferential treatment. The last trading date of the Maturing Bond will be 2nd February 2010 and trading on this bond will be suspended from 2nd February 2010 until further notice.

Alfred Fabri

Company Secretary”