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Med Serv – Company Announcement


Upcoming Annual General Meeting

This is a company announcement being made by the Company in compliance with Chapter 5 of the

Listing rules:

Annual General Meeting

The Company announces the date of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) which will be

held on the 21st April 2011. Further information on the cut-off date established by the Board of

Directors for entitlement to attend such AGM and for other related matters, will be announced at a later


Placing of items/resolutions on Agenda

A shareholder or shareholders holding not less than 5% of the voting issued share capital of the

Company may:

a) request the Company to include items on the agenda of the AGM, provided that each item is

accompanied by a justification or a draft resolution to be adopted at the AGM; and

b) table draft resolutions for items included in the agenda of the AGM

The request to put items on the agenda of the general meeting or the draft resolution referred to above

shall be submitted to the Company in hard copy form or in electronic form at least forty six (46) days

before the 21st April 2011 and shall be authenticated by the person or persons making it. The

Company shall not be obliged to entertain any requests by shareholders after the lapse of the said 46

day time limit.

Louis de Gabriele

Company Secretary