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Malita Investments plc – research report

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Our research department have conducted an equity research report on Malita Investments p.l.c (“MLT”). Please click HERE to access the report.

MLT owns, develops and manages immovable properties. The Company currently owns the Malta International airport (MIA) site and the Valletta Cruise Port (VCP) site. During 2012 MLT acquired a 65-year emphyteusis from the Government of Malta (GoM) over the new Parliament building and Open-Air Theatre in Valletta. At the end of 2017 MLT entered into an emphyteutical agreement with the Housing Authority for 28 years in relation to 16 sites over which the Company intends to develop a total of 680 affordable housing units over the next two years and a half. The units will be rented out to people in need and mostly subsidised by the Government of Malta.

For more information about MLT kindly refer to the aforementioned report. Should you require investment advice please contact our helpdesk on [email protected] or call on +356 25 688 688.