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Fondi Global Balanced Income – Accumulatore


    The Fund aims to provide a stable long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of local and international bonds, equities and other income-generating assets. The Manager must diversify the assets of the Fund between the different asset classes. The Manager may invest in both Investment Grade and high nominal yield bonds at the time of the investment of at least “B-” from S & P, or in bonds determined to be of comparable quality, provided that the Fund can invest up to 10% in non-rated bonds, remaining exposed to direct bonds with a rating of at least 25% of the value of the Fund. Investments in equities may include, but are not limited to, securities for dividends, shares,

    Key features of the Fund

    • Flexibility to invest in all regions around the world
    • It provides capital value, stability and growth in the medium to long term
    • Flexibility in switching between different types of assets (eg Bonds / Shares / Money Market Instruments / ETFs / CSIs / alternative securities) depending on market prospects
    • In the selection of the titles the manager will be based on key current issues and on the best opportunities to generate a return
    • Diversification of securities by degree of security, rating, country, sector and by currency
    • The best of both worlds – lower volatility of market bonds versus potential growth through shares
    • EXCELLENT INVESTMENT MIX depending on market conditions
    • Efficient and effective strategy to be able to withstand periods of adverse market movements
    • FX exposures will generally be hedged, the investor will not be exposed to any FX risk

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April 2020 Commentary

After the severe shock in March, markets rebounded strongly in April. COVID-19 continued to spread globally, but some countries saw daily new infection rates start to fall and are now planning to gradually reopen their economies. Governments and central banks introduced very significant stimulus measures to reduce the damage caused by the economic shutdown, restoring some positive sentiment to markets.

Volatility declined from extreme levels. Developed stock markets outperformed emerging markets and growth stocks outperformed value. The S&P 500 index returned 12.8% and has recovered close to 60% of its prior decline.

Massive global fiscal and monetary responses fuelled a strong market rebound in April despite macroeconomic data that showed the huge economic cost of the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Analysts revised down 2020 earnings estimates, which are now expected to decline by over 15% in the US and Europe. Dividends may also suffer cuts as companies prioritise balance sheet protection over profit distribution.

Yields remained hovering around record lows, the U.S. mostly sought benchmark; the 10-year Treasury yield, tightened marginally by 3.8 basis points for the month of April after tightening considerably during the third week of April, closing the month at .642 per cent.

Despite April’s market rebound, considerable uncertainty remains over the trajectory of global growth over the coming quarters. A lot will depend on the extent to which economies can successfully reopen. For this reason, the investment managers remain prudent and expect further volatility. However, they acknowledge that the unprecedented policy response – particularly the willingness of central banks to intervene in credit markets – has shifted the balance of risks.


  • NAV/Price: Latest Price available here

    Sub-Fund Name Global Balanced Income Fund
    Investment Manager Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management Ltd
    Fund Type UCITS
    Custodian Sparkasse Bank Malta p.l.c.
    Fund Administrator CC Fund Services (Malta) Limited.
    Auditors Deloitte Malta
    Legal Advisors Ganado Advocates
    Launch Date 1st September 2015
    Domicile Malta
    Dealing Frequency Weekly
    Initial Charge from 0% up to 2.5%
    Management Fee 1.25%
    Currency Euro (€)
    ISIN numbers EUR – MT7000014445
    Minimum Initial Investment EUR 2,500
    Minimum Additional Investment EUR 500
    Fund Size €5.7 mn
    Number of Holdings 44

    Performance History

    Calendar Year Performance YTD 2019 2018 2017 Since
    Total Return -12.88 14.78 -15.14 8.67 -5.30
    Calendar Year Performance 1 -month 3 – month 6 -month 9 -month 12 - month
    Total Return 5.57 -12.15  -9.72 -8.41 -9.81

    *The Global Balanced Income Fund (Share Class B) was launched on 19 November 2018.

    Top By Country*

     Country %
    Germany 22.2
    Malta 14.9
    France 8.8
    Luxembourg 8.3
    United States 8.1
    Netherlands 6.0
    China 5.5
    Brazil 5.0
    Spain 2.9

    *including exposures to ETFs

    By Credit Rating*

    Holding %
    BBB 0.0
    BB 7.5
    B 14.3
    Less than B- 3.3
    Not Rated 10.4

    *excluding exposures to ETFs

  • Performance ad Oggi (Euro)

    Top 10 Exposures

     Exposure %
    BMIT Technologies plc 5.4
    ASML NV 4.8
    Lyxor Eurostoxx 600 Health 3.9
    iShares Core S&P 500 3.7
    Lyxor Eurostoxx 600 Tech 3.7
    5% Nidda 2025 3.3
    SAP SE 3.3
    iShares Euro HY Corp 3.2
    Alibaba Group Holding 3.0
    5.299% Petrobras 2025 3.0

    Currency Allocation

    Currency %
    EUR 76.0
    USD 24.0
    GBP 0.1

    Asset Allocation*

    Asset %
    Cash 14.5
    Bonds 40.9
    Equities 44.7

    *including exposures to ETFs

    Maturity Buckets

    Number of Years %
    0 – 5 years 14.1
    5 – 10 years 17.4
    10 years + 3.9

    Sector Breakdown

    Sector %
    ETFs 20.8
    Financial 15.6
    Technology 13.4
    Basic Materials 5.9
    Consumer, Non-Cyclical 5.8
    Communications 5.5
    Industrial 5.4
    Consumer, Cyclical 4.1
    Energy 3.0

Informazioni Legali

Questo documento è stato pubblicato da Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Services (“CCIS”). CCIS è un membro fondatore della Borsa di Malta ed è stato autorizzato a svolgere servizi di investimento mobiliare a Malta, dall’autorità finanziaria del governo di Malta. Questo documento è stato redatto per puro scopo informativo e non deve essere interpretato come una consulenza finanziaria. Questo documento non costituisce un’offerta o un invito, da parte di CCIS, rivolto a qualsiasi persona a comprare o vedere alcun strumento finanziario. CCIS ha stilato questo documento basandosi sulle informazioni ottenute da risorse che si ritiene siano affidabili, ma sulle quali non è stata compiuta una verifica personale. Questo documento non può essere riprodotto ne per intero ne in parte, senza un’autorizzazione scritta da parte di CCIS.