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Issue of €10,000,000 GlobalCapital plc 5% unsecured bonds


The Board of Directors of GlobalCapital p.l.c. (the “Company”) announced that it has submitted an application to the Listing Authority of the Malta Financial Services Authority requesting the admissibility to listing on the official list of the Malta Stock Exchange of €10,000,000 5% Bonds 2021.

Following regulatory approval received by the Company from the Listing Authority, the Company announces that it will be issuing €10,000,000 5% GlobalCapital plc unsecured bonds 2021 (the “Bond Issue”) with a nominal value of €100 per Bond, issued at par, subject to a minimum subscription of €2,000.

The proceeds from the Bond Issue, will be used by the Issuer for the purpose of purchasing the Company’s existing bonds from existing bondholders for cancellation, whether by way of Existing Bond Transfer (as defined in the Prospectus dated 12 May 2016), and, or by way of payment in cash, for the purpose of redeeming any existing bonds remaining in issue as at the existing bond maturity date.

The Bond Issue is open for subscription as follows: i) Existing Bondholders as at the close of business on the 13 May 2016 (the “Cut-off Date”) and ii) Professional Clients in respect of any balance of the Bonds not subscribed for by the Existing Bondholders as at the Cut-off Date.

Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Services Ltd is acting as a sponsor to the company in respect of the application for authorisation for admissibility to listing of its bonds.

Full details of the Bond Issue will be provided in the prospectus dated 12 May 2016 which is available here.