Execution Only

Who is the execution service for?

Our Execution Only service is aimed at those clients who are already knowledgeable on investments and would like to trade instantly on their own accord without the need to seek professional advice. This service is best suited to investors that are confident with the management of their own portfolio.

Although no recommendations are offered, factual information such as share prices and market activity are given on request. We provide a personalised Execution Only dealing services to both private Individuals and Corporate investors.


Instruments available.

This service is available on Bonds & Fixed Income Instruments, Stocks, ETFs, ETCs, Funds & Derivatives on all international exchanges.


How to trade

Our execution only service is offered via the following mediums:

  • Online, via our proprietary live trading platform CC WebTrader™
  • Telephonically or via email, directly to our trading desk
    • We have a dedicated team of Execution-Only Traders who will immediately act upon your orders accurately and with an emphasis on obtaining the best possible price available for you.
    • You can always be assured that you are talking to a qualified trader so you can be confident that you will be provided with the latest market information.

Clients can also choose to deal telephonically or via email and simply monitor progress online.


What the service includes

Our execution only service includes the following:

  • Custody services are included at no extra cost.
  • Nominee services are included at no extra cost.
  • Corporate actions on stocks are processed at no extra cost.
  • Email notifications
    • Instant notification upon trade execution.
    • Receive your contract note instantly. (you can also opt to receive by post)
    • Receive your dividend advices instantly.
    • Receive account movement notifications instantly.
  • Valuation Statements will automatically be produced and sent to you on annual basis


Best Execution

Our trading desk is directly connected to market makers on all major stock exchanges. We guarantee best execution in the market and ensure that trades are concluded in a timely and transparent manner at highly competitive prices.


Open an account

To open an execution only account you may download our application form here, visit our offices or contact us for more information.