Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

As financial markets continue to change rapidly, managing your investments has become an increasingly complex and time consuming process to handle in isolation. If you would like a team of professionals to oversee the management of your assets, our Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) service is the perfect choice. Our DPM allows you to delegate the management of your investment portfolio to our Investment Managers, who will monitor your holdings and proactively make investment decisions, according to your financial objectives and risk profile.

This service provides you with access to investment expertise by way of a dedicated Private Clients Manager and is designed for clients who want their investments to be monitored and actively managed. Our experienced team of dedicated professionals have various checks and monitors to ensure that your portfolio is managed according to your objectives and our proprietary software effectively manages the process and allows us flexibility to mould it according to your needs.

As the age old phrase goes, “time is money”. In today’s volatile markets agility has become increasingly important, and decisions need to be made at the drop of a hat. With a DPM account we ensure that investment opportunities are not missed. We have the resources in place to act quickly to the ever-changing market conditions to ensure your investments remain safe and continue growing. Through this service we will take responsibility for your investment decisions and keep you well informed by means of quarterly reviews to justify all transactions and positions held.

Your Private Clients Manager together with the Investment Managers will actively manage your portfolio. This means that changes are implemented timely and effectively, when the opportunity arises to buy and if the need to sell presents itself. All investment changes are designed to enhance performance and ensure the structure of the portfolio remains in line with your objectives. These investment objectives are defined by your Private Client Manager and yourself as the first step in the investment process, ensuring that we wholly understand your financial objectives and can work towards achieving your goals, whether income, balanced or growth.

Our Investment Managers have access to a wide range of market research through various channels via our wide network. We also conduct primary in-house research and boast a dedicated research team focused on studying market conditions and the opportunities that arise out of same. Only a limited amount of accounts will be assigned to each Private Client Manager to ensure that your investments will be carefully reviewed constantly.

Our discretionary service offers six distinct strategies covering the main asset classes (Equities, Bonds & Cash) with varying levels of risk, which are described in the following section.  Each DMP strategy is treated on a separate basis with each DPM account assigned a Private Client Manager who will discuss and agree on a strategy with you, follow its implementation and ensures that it continues to meet your requirements.

Additionally, Calamatta Cuschieri recognises that your individual circumstances and objectives can change over time and our service aims to reflect such developments by carrying out quarterly objective reviews. Also, we perceive DPM to be a more efficient and effective way of managing your investment, because of the flexibility the program provides. Should you already be a Calamatta Cuschieri client and decide to switch to a DPM agreement or back to an advisory agreement you can do so at no additional costs.

Discretionary accounts are available for clients with investable assets of at least €500,000.

Instruments available.

This service is available on Bonds & Fixed Income Instruments, Stocks, ETFs, ETCs, Funds & Derivatives on all international exchanges.

Investment Strategies

Calamatta Cuschieri has designed 6 main strategies to cover income and growth objectives with varying degrees of risk. Our portfolios are managed to deliver consistent long-term performance while controlling risk.




As part of the DPM service you will receive a quarterly report which includes a portfolio valuation and transaction history, together with market commentary and a Manger’s report justifying the investment decisions taken during the reviewed period. We have designed this report to also include clear graphical explanations of your portfolios performance compared to the underlying benchmark, as defined at contract level.

We will give you 24-hour access to view your portfolio online through our proprietary software, CCTrader. You can track investment decisions, performance and keep in tune with the Investment Managers’ decisions. As a discretionary account holder you may also request a face-to-face meeting with your Private Clients Manager to discuss the latest report and discuss your chosen investment strategy.


The charging structure of a DPM account is kept as simple and transparent as possible. An annual management fee is charged on the value of the portfolio at each quarter and depends on the strategy chosen and the amount invested.

Key benefits

  • Expert investment management by an experienced team of Investment Managers and your personal Private Client Manager;
  • Maximum flexibility;
  • Transparent charging structure;
  • Highly competitive trading fees;
  • Does not ‘unitise’ investors within a single large portfolio and allocate units in a ‘fund of funds’;
  • You are not locked into a strategy for the long term and have the ability to switch or terminate the agreement  as circumstances change;
  • Quarterly review of your portfolio;
  • Online access to your portfolio though CCTrader
  • Instant E-mail notifications when trades are executed and income is received; and
  • Custody, Nominee services and corporate actions at no extra costs.

Best Execution

Our trading desk is directly connected to market makers on all major stock exchanges. We guarantee best execution in the market and ensure that trades are concluded in a timely and transparent manner at highly competitive prices.

Open an account

To open an account please contact us on +356 25 688 688, visit our offices or contact us via email and we shall schedule an appointment for you to meet with a a Private Clients Manager.