Bonds & Fixed Income

Whether you’re looking for a regular source of income or a diversified bond portfolio seeking to realize capital gains, Calamatta Cuschieri can help you find the fixed income investments that meet your needs. We provide our clients with access to virtually any fixed income security on the market, be it a Bond, a Bond Fund or a Treasury Bill. In addition Calamatta Cuschieri has the experience, expertise and resources to help you select and invest in the right fixed income investments. With many varieties of fixed income securities our experienced Investment Advisors are here to help you:

  • Determine how fixed income fits in your portfolio.
  • Identify investments that might be appropriate for you amongst the broad choice of fixed-income investments
  • Develop or provide guidance on strategies for the overall investment portfolio


Take Advantage of our expertise

Calamatta Cuschieri have been investing in fixed income since 1972.

  • We access the markets directly, thus ensuring that our clients obtain the best possible price in the market at any point in time.
  • Access to virtually any Corportate , Soverign or Domesitc bond available in all major currencies.
  • Access to Treasury bills with competitive one time fees.
  • No minimum trade size
  • No additional fees for nominee services
  • Dedicated fixed income research.


Choose from a large array of investments

Individual Bonds

Investing in individual bonds is highly convenient; an investor can calculate the exact income stream deriving from fixed income bonds at any point in time. Additionally these instruments do not attract any annual fees.

Bond Funds

Mutual funds are an easy way to invest in fixed income. They offer professional management, convenience, and diversification.

CC Bond Funds

Calamatta Cuschieri manages its very own High Income Bond funds, ideal for investors seeking to maximise return in a diversified portfolio find out more here

Other Fixed-Income Investments

Additional fixed-income products are also an option when building a balanced portfolio. These could come in the form of capital guaranteed products.

Treasury Bills

As an alternative to the low interest that savings accounts provide, investors can also consider treasury bills for the cash allocation of your portfolio.

Minimum Investment Size

Product Type Euro
Individual bonds 3,000
Bond Funds & CC Bond Funds 2,500
Treasury Bills 50,000


Online Monitoring & Trading

We offer our clients the possibility to monitor their Bond portfolio online, via CCTrader™ can also submit bond orders online. Find out more about Bonds on our online platform here.

Investing with Calamatta Cuschieri

For more information you can contact one of our investment advisors on +356 25 688 688, or fill in an online form using the contact section.