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Other Services

Cash & Liquidity Management

Managing liquidity efficiently is a key concern of every enterprise. At CCIM, we offer a range of liquidity management solutions that help our clients enhance their interest earnings, utilise intercompany funding more effectively and improve overall treasury management.

Our specialists provide assistance in finding the investment options that work best with our clients’ individual cash inflows while maximizing their returns. Amongst others, these can take the form of T-bills, term deposits as well as short-term investment solutions. We utilise these money market instruments to achieve superior returns whilst maintaining liquidity needs and preserving capital. These short term strategies ensure that income is optimised.

We are also able to assist our clients with their hedging requirements in cases where this might have an important bearing on the overall profitability of their operations.


Our internal research analysts support our investment management teams, with both the latest market news & trends as well as specific company research and analytical information. By means of direct communication channels with all of the major players in the international capital markets, our research department is able to help our clients weather the challenges of the world’s increasingly complex debt and equity markets. Our analysts offer timely, in-depth analysis of companies, sectors, markets and the world’s economies.

In order to deliver the latest market information as fast as possible, our research team is equipped with Reuters and Bloomberg Stations and is also connected with some of the largest research firms worldwide.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a critical component in any successful portfolio management mandate.   Our internally-developed risk management processes enable us to monitor, measure and take appropriate steps to mitigate and control, the market/credit/liquidity/compliance related risks arising from the investment activities & positions of the sub-funds, and that there are adequate systems in place to ensure that the process is maintained on a continuous basis.

The day to day risk measurement and monitoring is effected by the Portfolio Managers using state of the art technology and software. This function is then overseen by the Group’s Risk Manager who conducts independent checks on a regular basis to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Trade Execution

We offer professional clients the possibility to execute trades via our stockbroking arm. We provide cost effective and timely execution of trades on all major stock exchanges worldwide. Our trading desk provides coverage across all classes of local and international Bonds, Equities, ETFs, Funds,  and Treasury bills.