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IM For Funds

As Investment Managers we believe that investing is about achieving objectives. Our clients desire comfort that their actions will maximize their chances of meeting their investment objectives in a consistent manner. As a result, we work closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

CCIM is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide investment management services to UCITS Collective Investment Schemes.

Our Fund Management service is provided via specifically set up Investment Committees which are composed of a number of Portfolio Managers who have many years of experience in the international financial markets.

Risk Measurement, Monitoring & Management

We ensure that all investments are effected in Eligible Assets and truly reflect the investment strategy and asset allocation criteria set by the Investment Committee.

The Investment, Borrowing & Leverage Limits

We monitor all investments for compliance with their Investment, Borrowing and Leverage Limits as set out in the Prospectuses and the MFSA rules. We are ready to take the necessary remedial action in the event that a portfolio does not comply with its investment, borrowing & leverage limits set out in either the prospectus or the MFSA rules.

Counter Parties to OTC FDIs

Our Investment Committees establish and sanction a list of Approved Names for the purposes of determining the counter parties with whom the Funds can enter into OTC FDI transactions. Our Portfolio Managers are responsible for monitoring that the institutions on the approved names list remain eligible on an ongoing basis.

Liquidity Risk

We employ appropriate liquidity risk management processes in order to ensure that Funds are able to comply at any time with the provisions on repurchase or redemption asset out in the respective Offering Supplements. The Portfolio Managers therefore ensure that the liquidity profile of the investments of the Funds are appropriate to the redemption policy as laid down in the related Offering Supplements.

Credit Risk

We monitor the credit rating of any Approved Institution with whom cash balances are held. Any actual or potential downgrade in the credit rating of any such Approved Institution is monitored and where applicable the Portfolio Managers are authorised to take immediate remedial action they consider appropriate.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We periodically review & assess the adequacy of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery arrangements in place.


Monthly Reporting

We are committed to draw up and submit a monthly report to the Custodian, the Risk Manager and the Compliance Officer of the Scheme within 15 days from the end of the period to which it relates, in respect of the monitoring and compliance status of the risk levels of the Funds.

AD Hoc Reporting

We are committed to inform the Custodian, the Risk Manager and the Compliance Officer of any breaches or reportable incidents as soon as these are identified. Such reports would typically state the reason or cause for any non-compliance or breach, any economic or regulatory or legal detriment which the Funds may potentially suffer as a result thereof, and the status and potential costs of any remedial action.

Annual reporting to regulator

We are committed to deliver to the MFSA at least on an annual basis, reports containing information which reflects a true and fair view of all the types of derivative instruments used for each Fund, the underlying risks, the quantitative limits and the methods which are chosen to estimate the risks associated with the derivative transactions.