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IM for Professional Clients

As financial markets continue to change rapidly, managing investments has become an increasingly complex and time consuming process for professional investors to handle in isolation. CCIM’s Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) service allows professional clients to delegate the administrative responsibility and control of the financial assets to a team of dedicated investment professionals without having to worry about making the day-to-day investment decisions and constant administrations that would typically be associated with other investment approaches.

This service grants our clients access to our highly skilled and competent investments team that are specialised in dealing with large institutional investors.

Our discretionary service does not offer a predetermined ‘one size fits all’ model. Each DPM account is treated on a separate basis. Each DPM account is assigned an Investment Manager who will discuss and agree on a strategy with you, implementing it and working towards helping you reach your financial goals.

The Investment Process

Our investment managers analyse economic trends, lay out the most likely macroeconomic scenario and possible alternatives, make microeconomic forecasts and together with the client decide on an asset allocation strategy that matches the client’s investment.

We then build a diverse portfolio using a range of asset classes with relevant weighting which are reviewed strategically by the Investment committee no less than once a month.

Our Investment Managers monitor DPM accounts on a daily basis and manage the investment decisions on the client’s behalf. Our experienced team of dedicated professionals have various checks and monitors to ensure that your portfolio is managed according to your investment goals. This is effectively managed and supported by our in-house software. Customers are notified immediately via email after each change and are able to monitor the movements through our online platform CCTrader.


Calamatta Cuschieri recognizes that your individual circumstances and objectives can change over time and our service aims to reflect such developments by carrying out quarterly objective review meetings. We also take this opportunity to discuss the performance of the investment portfolio and to keep customers informed of any further developments.

As a discretionary account holder you may also request a meeting directly with your portfolio manager, at any time to discuss the latest report together with your investment strategy.


As part of the DPM service you will receive a quarterly report including a portfolio valuation and performance summary. All transactions together with a market commentary will be included in the quarterly report. This report includes various graphs explaining portfolios with performance compared at different levels.

Our CCTrader ™ platform will also allow you to access this report online at any time of day.