Who we are

Calamatta Cuschieri is a founding member of the Malta Stock Exchange as well as acting as Corporate Advisor to Prospects MTF companies.

Our services include the following:
  • Sponsoring Brokers for Listed Bond issues
  • Manager for unlisted Bond issues
  • Sponsoring Brokers for Initial public offerings & Rights issues
  • Agents for Convertible and exchangeable securities
  • Consultation on drafting of the prospectus
  • Advice to the issuer on all matters including pricing
  • Organising road-shows to prospective investors & intermediaries
  • De-Materialization of securities
  • Application for ISIN numbers
  • Collective Investment Scheme listings on the Malta Stock Exchange
  • Paying agency services
  • Registrar and Manager Services
  • Due diligence Services
In our role as Corporate Advisors to Prospects MTF companies, we will at all times uphold independence, impartiality, objectivity, confidentiality and ethical standards, ensuring that we can identify, mitigate and disclose any conflicts of interests. We will also guarantee quality of service and active involvement before and after the securities have been enlisted on the Prospects MTF.
We have processes in place to ensure full compliance with all regulatory and statutory obligations including disclosure obligations when we, or persons connected to us (as defined by law), invest or trade in securities issued by our client Prospects MTF Companies.