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The launch of the 2013 CC WebTrader Campaign

cc 2013 campaign

Calamatta Cuschieri has been fairly quiet with regards to audio visual advertising, something that is set to change in 2013 as we seek to promote our identity and increase our brand awareness. There are still a lot of investors out there who do not know about Calamatta Cuschieri and because we feel that there are so many clear advantages for investors using our services, we will be reaching out more than ever before with the aim of getting this message across.

Our 2013 campaign starts with a new CC WebTrader™ Ad that seeks to bring out the strengths of CC WebTrader™ as opposed to the number of features it has. CC WebTrader™ is still the only real time online trading platform in Malta to date but apart from this it is also by far the most advanced in every way. CC WebTrader™  is our very own platform which we are constantly developing and our aim going forward will be to build upon the features that made this platform an award winning platform whilst keeping it as simple and as easy to use as possible.

The 2013 advert can be viewed below, thank you for your interest in Calamatta Cuschieri.

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