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CC WebTrader wins the Best Ecommerce Site Award.

CC Webtrader wins best eCommerce site of the year.

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Tuesday night was a very special night for Calamatta Cuschieri, CC WebTrader™, our propitiatory online trading platform won the Best Ecommerce Site of the year the MCA e.Business Awards 2012.

This well attended event, was held at the Phoenicia and was inaugurated by the Minister Austin Gatt. It was good to see all the key players from the IT sector and their various clients present for this event, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. One could feel the tension and excitement build up inside the hall once the opening speech had ended and the awards got underway.

During the on screen presentation, just 15 slides were enough for one to realise how elaborate CC Webtrader™ really is and the commitment that was put into building it. Having worked so hard on the platform for a number of years, it was a great feeling to hear CC WebTrader™ being announced as the winner and to walk up on stage along with my collegue Ian Farrugia, to be presented with such a prestigious award for a project that Calamatta Cuschieri has been so dedicated to.

Needless to say we are delighted to have won this award, it motivates us even further to keep on pushing boundaries and deliver a platform that continues to surpass International standards.

Some History to CC WebTrader™

CC WebTrader™ was ‘my baby’ , an adventurous and exciting project that I initiated in 2009 with a clear vision mind; it had to use the very latest technology and be a live system, it had to be easy to use and navigate through, and above all it had to be secure.

Being a first for Malta, CC WebTrader™ was kept a ‘secret’ until a few months before launch. Very few of the CC staff actually knew about it and at the time most people internally did not realise how it was about to revolutionise the way we to business, our work flows and work processes.

Since the platform was custom built and fully owned by Calamatta Cuschieri, we had full flexibility on determining the means of achieving our mission but this also meant that we had to design and test all the workflows and controls. Inevitably many of our internal processes had to be reviewed and updated to be able to cater for real time factor that the platform brings along with it, as a result CC became even more efficient.

One of the factors that made the project challenging, was the fact that the platform needed to incorporate both the Local and International markets each with their own unique practices, across the various asset classes namely Shares, ETFs, Bonds as well as Funds.

The platform was finally launched on the 12th of June of 2011. Today the platform has grown to be highly successful and has matured further, it would not be what it is today without all the people working behind the scenes such as our Support Desk, Bloggers, Traders, our IT team and the Operations team who all contribute on a daily basis. It would also not be possible without our clients support and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their loyalty and continued support.

Moving Forward

CC WebTrader™ has been online for a year and a half and we have not stopped developing and improving upon the original version. In fact we have deployed 139 updates since launch, we have invested in growing our IT team internally and have other very interesting projects lined up for 2013.

Calamatta Cuschieri has also announced today new online rates which are heavily reduced and allow investors to trade for as low as 15 Euro per trade. I trust that this will encourage investors to keep on choosing CC WebTrader™ as their preferred online trading platform.

Until next time!