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  • London terror aftermath

    Full Story | - Trader | 24th March 2017
    A lacklustre trading day on Thursday saw investors cautious about making any big moves, as they digested the attack in London on Wednesday afternoon, which left at least five people dead and dozens injured. European .
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  • What makes an investor successful?

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 24th March 2017
    There have been many textbooks and articles written on what it takes to become a successful investor. There are a number of traits which make some investors more successful than others – for the inexperienced .
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  • Honeymoon’s over

    Full Story | - Trader | 23rd March 2017
    There was a global stocks sell-off on Wednesday with the “Trump Trade” that has been driving a global stock rally in recent weeks seeming to fade as investor sentiment turned more pessimistic about the chances .
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  • Planning for today and tomorrow

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 21st March 2017
    Not for many, but for some, money really does make the world go round. Let's face it, in this day and age, where everyday life has become more materialistic and people have become more ambitious .
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  • European Banking sector potential

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 20th March 2017
    Article written by Antoine BriffaThe European banking sector has been under significant pressure in the past few years due to low interest rates, a series of massive fines and a European economy that has lagged. .
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  • Opposite Sides of the Pond

    Full Story | - Trader | 17th March 2017
    European markets marched into positive territory on Thursday, with trading sentiment buoyed by a rally in mining shares and after Dutch voters turned out in numbers to have their say in the country’s general election. .