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  • Trade War Anxiety

    Full Story | - | 14th February 2019
    At this point, it is to everyone’s knowledge that an ongoing Trade War has been active given how markets were beaten down last year. Even though markets had a good retracement in January, concern that .
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  • Sanofi – Investing in healthcare

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 11th February 2019
    Sanofi reported positive results for Q418 beating on revenue and earnings when compared to our estimates and consensus. Revenues last year were led higher by Sanofi’s Genzyme biotechnology unit, were growth was up 37.4 per .
  • Miro German Economy
  • Stubbornly Strong Germany

    Full Story | - | 8th February 2019
    German unemployment has seen an increase of 196,000 in January (not seasonally adjusted), bringing the total number of unemployed to 2.406 million - the highest level since March last year but still significantly lower than .
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  • How will IFRSs amendments impact entities in FY 2018?

    Full Story | - | 6th February 2019
    The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), which is the independent, accounting setting body of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) Foundation, regularly develops IFRSs to improve the transparency and accountability of financial markets. Following the .