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  • Markets reach higher

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 20th September 2018
    U.S. stocks closed mostly higher on Wednesday as investors took escalating trade tensions in stride to instead focus on improving economic fundamentals, even as a weak technology sector hobbled the Nasdaq. The Dow Jones Industrial .
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  • Markets shrug off trade fears

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 19th September 2018
    U.S. stocks came off earlier highs but still closed up Tuesday as investors shrugged off escalating trade tensions to instead focus on the robust economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 184.84 points, or 0.7%, .
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  • US-China trade war steps up a notch

    Full Story | - Financial Analyst | 19th September 2018
    Following Donald Trump’s newest round of tariffs on Chinese imports, whereby the US has imposed duties on more than half of all Chinese imports, Beijing retaliated by slapping new tariffs on $60bn worth of American .
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  • Erdogan Meets Putin – Hope for Middle East

    Full Story | - Trader | 18th September 2018
    The majority of Equity markets in Europe finished the trading session flat to lower, as trade tensions between Washington and Beijing continue with conflicting messages. Over the weekend, it was reported that United States President .
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  • The Week Ahead

    Full Story | - | 17th September 2018
    European stocks finished the week on a positive note Friday. The Stoxx Europe 600 closed 0.2% higher, at 377.10. Germany’s DAX 30 rose 0.6% to 12,124.33, while France’s CAC 40 rose 0.5%, to 5,352.57. The .
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  • Share Dividends vs Share Buybacks

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 17th September 2018
    While European companies prefer dividends (to the tune of 70%) as the biggest form of shareholder returns, US companies prefer share buybacks (58%).While the dividend yield on US stocks is almost half that on European .
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  • Dow re-approaches record territory

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 14th September 2018
    U.S. stocks closed higher Thursday, with the S&P 500 up for a fourth straight session on the back of strong technology shares. News that China may be receptive to overtures from the U.S. on new .
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  • The woes being faced by the ECB

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 14th September 2018
    Prior to the emerging market (“EM”) turbulence and to the elected populist government in Italy, the European Central Bank was confident in the relatively positive momentum, in terms growth, targeted inflation and low unemployment levels. .
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  • Microsoft Partners and FedEx expanding

    Full Story | - Trader | 13th September 2018
    European stock indexes ended the trading session in the green. In Brexit news, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said the commission will not stand in the way of an orderly UK withdrawal, but .
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  • US leads over Europe

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 12th September 2018
    U.S. stocks recovered from a wobbly start to end the session higher Tuesday, with the Dow climbing by triple digits, as energy and telecommunications rallied. However, trade worries were simmering below the surface as investors .