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  • Diverging paths; the Fed and the ECB

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 15th June 2018
    Following the recent political noise, primarily the recent political saga in Italy in which markets rattled on the uncertainty surrounding a possible political deadlock, now markets shifted their focus on two very important Central Bank .
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  • Volkswagen Pays and Adyen Spikes

    Full Story | - Trader | 14th June 2018
    Market RoundupMarkets in Europe closed flat to higher on Wednesday as investors awaited the United States Federal Reserve's monetary policy decision announcement later on after the close of the European session. In fact later on, .
  • European Equities, what’s up?

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 14th June 2018
    We are at that time of the year when markets enter a deliberate peaceful phase. June, July and especially August are typically the months when the passing of the cold weather, thoughts of sandy beaches .
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  • Mixed markets in thin trading

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 13th June 2018
    U.S. markets closed mostly higher Tuesday as investors shifted their attention away from a landmark meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to the start of a series of important central-bank meetings, kicking .
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  • 36 Hours of Central Bank Meetings

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 11th June 2018
    The world’s three most powerful central banks convene this week. Three meetings within 36 hours of each other are set to conclude with the Fed raising interest rates, the European Central Bank potentially fleshing out .