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  • Investor discipline

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 20th January 2017
    Let’s not beat around the bush - whoever invests is in it to make money (clearly not to lose money). Be it an investment in a money market instrument or a bank term deposit, a .
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  • Alle bleiben Sie ruhig

    Full Story | - Trader | 20th January 2017
    No, you’re not reading the Der Spiegel, that’s just what I hope is a correct German translation (Google Translate, I’m looking at you) for ‘Everybody, stay calm’ – the key message European Central Bank President .
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  • Patience

    Full Story | - Trader | 19th January 2017
    European markets searched for direction on Wednesday as investors digested a number of corporate earnings reports. UK stocks were slightly higher, recovering some ground after suffering their worst loss in six months after the British .
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  • She Said Yes

    Full Story | - Trader | 18th January 2017
    After months of uncertainty and speculation Theresa May pledged the UK is determined to make a decisive break from the European Union, quitting the single market and seek a customs union agreement instead, to ensure .
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  • Understanding Credit Ratings

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 17th January 2017
    A bond is a financial transaction generally between two parties, the borrower (bond issuer) and the investor (bondholder). In other words, a fixed income instrument (another word commonly used to describe bonds) is merely a .
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  • Five European Stocks for 2017

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 16th January 2017
    2016 was a year traders will never forget. We went through an Asian crisis, Brexit, Donald Trump and an Italian referendum. Yet at the end of it all, the Euro Stoxx 50 still managed to .