CC Funds FAQ

About Calamatta Cuschieri

How long has your firm been in operation?
Where are your offices located?
What are your opening hours?
I have special needs, how accessible are your offices?

Investing in CC Funds

How much money do I need to invest in CC Funds?
If I invest a fund that pay regular interest, how can I receive this?
How can I transfer money to my account with Calamatta Cuschieri via online banking?
What currencies can I invest in?
How can I monitor my investments?
I would like to find out more about activating my account online.
What is the difference between distributor and accumulator bond funds?
I am interested in investing in the CC Funds. Which ones should I invest in?
I would like to visit one of your advisors, do I need to book an appointment?

Fees & Other

What are the fees involved with investing in CC Funds?
I am not a Maltese national. Can I still invest through Calamatta Cuschieri?