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CC Momentum™ – Our revolutionary Savings Plan launch


We have just launched CC Momentum™, a revolutionary savings plan with no restrictions that puts you in full control of your savings, offering maximum flexibility with deposits of as little as €50 per month.

Unlike other savings schemes, the CC Momentum™ account also lets you change, pause or exit the plan at any time without incurring any charges. The savings plan also allows you to monitor your savings online, change strategy or change the sum you are saving each month. You can do this using traditional methods or through our award-winning online platform: CC WebTrader™.

CC Momentum™ is ideal for those who want to start saving for retirement or towards a specific goal, such as their children’s education, buying a house or opening a business. The savings plan also compounds interest earned in a tax efficient way, helping you to save more for the future.

Saving from an early age has become increasingly important due to the uncertainty on pensions and rising costs. Choosing a savings plan that delivers results, but does not tie you down, has become equally important. With the launch of CC Momentum™, Calamatta Cuschieri wanted to ensure that clients are given the flexibility and control needed in today’s world. Saving just €50 a month today can make a big difference later on.

Calamatta Cuschieri has also decided to donate €1 for every account opened, in line with its pledge to invest in the country’s future. The donation by Calamatta Cuschieri, which will not be taken from the savings accounts, will go to the CC Cancer Foundation. The CC Cancer Foundation was set up with the collaboration of former Malta Eurovision winner Gianluca Bezzina, who is also the face of Calamatta Cuschieri’s Momentum Account campaign.

We have also launched a new savings section on our website that provides useful information and tools that regard saving such as savings calculators, goal planners, budget sheets saving tips and more. The website section can be accessed on www.cc.com.mt/savings-plan

The CC Momentum™ savings plan has been kept simple and is also easy to use online for those who wish to do so.

For more information on CC Momentum™ contact us on 25 688 688.