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CC Credit Outlook for H2 2015


We are pleased to announce that we have published the CC Credit Outlook for H2 2015 which covers the European and US bond markets, both within the High Yield and Investment Grade space. We have prepared two documents; a full-blown version which outlines our outlook in great detail and an abridged version which summarises our key calls, takes and opinions for credit in the second half of 2015.

Following an eventful first half of 2015, whereby markets had to contend with the famous ECB QE announcement and subsequent sharp moves witnessed in equity and credit markets, the ongoing Greek saga, the decoupling of the US from the rest of the world and prospects of interest rate hikes as well as a sharp correction in Chinese equity markets, we expect the second half of 2015 to be as busy, if not more. With the Greek impasse seemingly out of the way, for the time being at least, markets have a lot to focus on. Will QE in the Eurozone continue to have its desired effects on growth and inflation? Will the US Federal Reserve hike rates in 2015, and if yes, would this be too soon? Are markets being too optimistic on the growth outlook or are we really on the brink of a global economic recovery? What about the impacts of a seemingly slowdown in China – how will markets and economies respond to that? More of this in our H2 2015 Credit Outlook.

To gain further insight of our credit market expectations for the second half of 2015 please click on the below links:

Full version- Click Here 

Abridged version - Click Here 

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