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Calamatta Cuschieri launch Euro Equity Fund


Calamatta Cuschieri Funds SICAV plc has just announced the launch of its fourth sub-fund, the Euro Equity Fund. This fund is targeted primarily towards retail investors and aims to achieve a high level of return by investing in a diversified portfolio of Blue Chip companies in Europe.

Mr Michael Galea, Head of Investment Management said that “Following our recent UCITS upgrade we are proud to be able to offer another innovative investment solution to our clients. Given the current economic climate, with interest rates set to rise in the foreseeable future, we consider it opportune for investors to diversify their portfolios to include an equity element and more appropriately spread the level of risk thereof.”

The investment strategy of the Euro Equity Fund means that it will invest mainly in those companies having market capitalisations greater than $5 billion. Blue chip companies, as these are commonly referred to, are typically nationally recognised, well-established and financially sound companies with a proven track record of stable and reliable growth. Furthermore, they are known to weather downturns and operate profitably even in the face of adverse economic conditions.

Michael Galea continues “Following the success of the High Income Bond Funds we are confident that we can continue to add value in our clients’ portfolios through hard work and rigorous stock selection.”

The Euro Equity Fund is managed by Mr. Antoine Briffa & Mr. Kristian Camenzuli who have over 20 years of combined portfolio management experience.

The Fund operates as a UCITS scheme which has become the gold standard for EU investment funds for retail investors. UCITS funds are ideal for retail investors as they have been specifically designed to ensure diversification and liquidity through distinct parameters, permitted asset classes and investment restrictions as set out in EU law.

The Fund is denominated in Euro, and investors can apply from as little as €2500. 

The Euro Equity Fund is currently open for subscription. Those interested can contact Calamatta Cuschieri on 25 688 688.