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AX Group Bond Issue: 3.25% Unsecured 2026 and 3.75% Unsecured 2029


AX Group (“AX”), will be issuing an aggregate amount of €25,000,000 in bonds maturing in 2026 and 2029. Subject to obtaining regulatory approval, the aggregate amount of €25,000,000 in bonds is being reserved for subscription by preferred applicants. 

These unsecured bonds having a nominal value of €100 per bond issued at par in any one or a combination of 3.25% unsecured bonds maturing in 2026 (Series I) and 3.75% unsecured bonds maturing in 2029 (Series II).  

The aggregate amount of €25,000,000 in bonds is being reserved for subscription by preferred applicants, which consist of holders of the €40,000,000 6% unsecured bonds 2024, issued by AX Investments p.l.c., appearing on the register of bondholders as at 14 November 2019, and employees and directors of any company forming the AX Group. 

Any balance of the Bonds not subscribed for by preferred applicants shall be made available for subscription through an intermediaries offer. 

The AX Group

The AX Group of companies is a conglomerate operating in four key business sectors, Construction, Development, Healthcare and Hospitality. The Group was established 44 years ago by Angelo Xuereb initially in the Construction industry but rapidly the Group diversified into the development and hospitality industries and later into the healthcare sector. 

The AX Group is synonymous with innovation and creativity. It is known for projects that are of outstanding architectural design, involve innovative concepts and are of exacting quality and standard. The AX Group is known for a-number-of firsts in Malta. It was the first privately owned construction company to start manufacturing pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete elements, it operated the first private hospital in Malta and for many years operated the largest hotel on the island.  

More recently it opened the first retirement village in Malta. It was the promoter of the Valletta Cruise Port and remains the only Maltese shareholder in the company. 

Calamatta Cuschieri will act as an Authorised Financial Intermediary and will be participating in the Intermediaries Offer. Should you be interested in applying, kindly contact your advisor on 25 688 688.