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  • The battle for the electric vehicle market

    Full Story | - | 16th December 2020
    Although the electric vehicle market is minuscule when compared to the global automotive industry, growth in the electric vehicle market continues to strengthen. In fact, as reported by the International Energy Agency (IEA), sales of .
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  • Credit Analysis: Bortex Group Finance plc

    Full Story | - | 9th December 2020
    The Bortex Group is principally involved in two segments, garment manufacturing and retailing on the one hand and property development and hotel operations on the other. In 2017, the Group, through its financing vehicle Bortex .
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  • Local P/E ratio review one year on

    Full Story | - | 25th November 2020
    Despite its shortcomings, the P/E ratio remains one of the most widely used ratios for investors to determine the attractiveness of a stock. It is easy to compute and therefore it is very useful to .
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  • Credit Analysis: Hili Properties plc

    Full Story | - | 11th November 2020
    Hili Properties holds and manages strategic commercial real estate for lease around Europe. The Group holds properties in Latvia, Romania, Malta, Lithuania and Estonia. Its portfolio includes dedicated business blocks and office space, retail complexes .
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  • Credit Analysis: Endo Finance plc

    Full Story | - | 23rd September 2020
    Endo finance plc is a financing company and a subsidiary of Endo Group which consist of several other subsidiaries. The main operations of the Group are, the chartering of vessels, ship-to-ship services, ship management services .
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  • Mercury Group Financial Analysis

    Full Story | - | 16th September 2020
    Mercury Towers Ltd acts as Mercury Group’s parent company and also guarantees the bond. Mercury Group is relatively new, with the oldest company within the Group incorporated during 2016. Apart from the parent company, the .
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  • Stock Analysis Update: GO plc

    Full Story | - | 22nd July 2020
    The ramifications of COVID-19 has impacted the majority of businesses worldwide. Although the telecom industry was not directly affected by the outbreak, GO’s share price plunged by about 24% during the recently experienced sell-off, with .