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  • Markets Roundup

    Full Story | - Trader | 12th October 2018
    European markets closed with losses amid sharp stock declines recorded in the United States. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed more than 800 points lower on Wednesday and dropped more points today after trading briefly .
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  • HSBC pays, Brexit: Near the Finish line?

    Full Story | - Trader | 10th October 2018
    Market RoundupEuropean markets finished a day of trading in the green as investors remained focused on the unfolding budget crisis in Italy. The country's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini described President of the European Commission .
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  • Markets overview with Auto News

    Full Story | - Trader | 5th October 2018
    OverviewEuropean stock markets finished the Thursday trading session with sharp losses after the Italian government agreed to press on with the plans to keep the budget deficit at 2.4% in 2019, but reduce the 2020 .
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  • Merger or Spinoff?

    Full Story | - Trader | 28th September 2018
    Markets in Europe closed in the green on Thursday as investors kept their focus on trade and political uncertainty across the globe. Meanwhile, the Brexit negotiations were supposed to continue after the report that Brussels .
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  • Erdogan Meets Putin – Hope for Middle East

    Full Story | - Trader | 18th September 2018
    The majority of Equity markets in Europe finished the trading session flat to lower, as trade tensions between Washington and Beijing continue with conflicting messages. Over the weekend, it was reported that United States President .
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  • Microsoft Partners and FedEx expanding

    Full Story | - Trader | 13th September 2018
    European stock indexes ended the trading session in the green. In Brexit news, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said the commission will not stand in the way of an orderly UK withdrawal, but .
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  • The Week Ahead

    Full Story | - Trader | 10th September 2018
    Friday RecapEuropean stock markets finished the Friday trading session on a mixed note as investors focus on a fresh set of economic data published earlier in the day, as well on the ongoing global trade .