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Raluca Filip

Risk Manager

Raluca Filip is an Investment Manager at Calamatta Cuschieri.

My Blog Posts

  • How sensitive is ECB to recent developments?

    Full Story | - Risk Manager | 15th January 2016
    The last few trading days provided no respite to investors who by now are likely becoming more and more accustomed to the increase in volatility and the challenging market conditions. Commodities, emerging markets slowdown, China .
  • Mind the BRICS

    Full Story | - Risk Manager | 8th January 2016
    With the markets starting off the year on a weak note (to say the least) and worries related to the Chinese economy playing a central role in this brisk year debut, a paper published by .
  • A bumpy end of year

    Full Story | - Risk Manager | 18th December 2015
    The Federal Reserve’s last monetary meeting of this year passed without any surprises but even so, the first rate hike since the 2007-crisis and the comforting tone of Fed’s Yellen was enough to support a .
  • Countdown to the Fed meeting

    Full Story | - Risk Manager | 11th December 2015
    The last major central bank meeting of this year is inevitably coming in just a few days and it seems poised to find markets in derive. What is more, the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) meeting comes .
  • ECB meeting fails to meet expectations

    Full Story | - Risk Manager | 4th December 2015
    In a surprise twist of events, the ECB’s meeting yesterday concluded with measures that failed to rise to markets’ expectations despite Draghi’s reputation of being a central banker that is willing to “do whatever it .
  • Markets are gearing up for December

    Full Story | - Risk Manager | 27th November 2015
    With this month soon due to come to an end, investors are eagerly and anxiously awaiting the December events, most notably the monetary policy meetings of the European and US central banks. Much has been .
  • A balanced tone is a bullish signal

    Full Story | - Risk Manager | 20th November 2015
    According to the latest minutes of the Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy meeting the first rate hike in the US in many years might come before year-end. Although markets have increasingly priced in such a .
  • A look at credit markets pre-Halloween

    Full Story | - Risk Manager | 30th October 2015
    October was a supportive month for risky assets as investors looked to take advantage of the more attractive valuations and of persistent expectations of abundant liquidity. The ECB meeting was pivotal in this respect indirectly .