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  • Key trends driving the insurance industry outlook

    Full Story | - | 14th July 2020
    Despite that the equity market has bounced significantly from the covid-19 triggered market turmoil, differences in the underlying sector performances highlight the outlook variations across different sectors. The European financial sector remains among the least .
  • Francee
  • Monitoring the economic reopening

    Full Story | - | 30th June 2020
    Economic development in a country is best measured by GDP and GDP expectations. Given that share prices reflect expectations on the future stream of earnings, economic expectations are a key driver to the outlook. Following .
  • Bankofamerica
  • What’s shaping the US banking industry?

    Full Story | - | 19th June 2020
    The covid-19 pandemic has triggered a reversal of interest rate hikes in the US, which directly weighs down on banking profit expectations. The deteriorating economic outlook has also triggered provisions for loan losses that overshadowed .
  • Jeromepowell
  • Key themes underpinning earnings season

    Full Story | - | 15th May 2020
    While economic indicators continue to signal a recessionary environment, equity markets choose to paint a rosier picture. February’s equity market sharp sell-off was followed by a dramatic rally over the past few weeks, most notably .