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  • Markets reach higher

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 20th September 2018
    U.S. stocks closed mostly higher on Wednesday as investors took escalating trade tensions in stride to instead focus on improving economic fundamentals, even as a weak technology sector hobbled the Nasdaq. The Dow Jones Industrial .
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  • Markets shrug off trade fears

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 19th September 2018
    U.S. stocks came off earlier highs but still closed up Tuesday as investors shrugged off escalating trade tensions to instead focus on the robust economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 184.84 points, or 0.7%, .
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  • Dow re-approaches record territory

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 14th September 2018
    U.S. stocks closed higher Thursday, with the S&P 500 up for a fourth straight session on the back of strong technology shares. News that China may be receptive to overtures from the U.S. on new .
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  • US leads over Europe

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 12th September 2018
    U.S. stocks recovered from a wobbly start to end the session higher Tuesday, with the Dow climbing by triple digits, as energy and telecommunications rallied. However, trade worries were simmering below the surface as investors .
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  • HNA to exit its stake in Deutsche Bank

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 7th September 2018
    Both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq finished lower for a third session on Thursday, following concerns about contagion from struggling emerging economies as well as unresolved trade tension. Technology stocks impacted the US market, .
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  • Emerging Markets leave their mark

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 6th September 2018
    US stocks closed mostly lower on Wednesday, with the technology sector recording its worst single-day decline since late July, triggering a drop in the Nasdaq. The weakness in tech stocks occurred as Facebook Inc. and .
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  • Shaky markets

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 5th September 2018
    U.S. stocks kicked off September on a weak note Tuesday, with all major indexes finishing lower, as investors focused on latest developments on the trade front however recovered from the session’s lows near the end .
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  • Samsung to Unveil Foldable Smartphone

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 4th September 2018
    Article written by Lauriann AzzopardiUS stocks remain unchanged; the market was closed on Monday as it was Labor Day. Europe’s stock markets finished little changed on Monday, reflecting the lower level of trading as US .
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  • The Pentagon cancels aid to Pakistan

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 3rd September 2018
    Article written by Lauriann AzzopardiThe stock market throughout 2018 has been surprisingly durable, highlighting a healthy economy and strong corporate results, amid heightened tensions from President Trump’s continued trade war and the Federal Reserve’s shift .
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  • Markets slip on thin trading

    Full Story | - Junior Trader | 24th August 2018
    U.S. stocks closed lower Thursday with almost all S&P 500 sectors falling in what some strategists described as a typical late-summer session characterized by low trading volumes. The Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped 76.62 points, .