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Mark Vella

Investment Manager

Mark Vella is an Investment Manager at Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management.

Mark graduated with Honors in Banking & Finance from the University of Malta in 2005. He started his career as a senior investment officer within the investment arm of one of Malta’s largest banks, later on becoming an Investment Manager on Fixed Income and Structured Products, where he spent a total of five years and a half. He subsequently moved to Calamatta Cuschieri in the summer of 2011 as Head of Treasury Operations. Mark’s background is primarily in fixed income and he has in fact managed CC’s proprietary fixed income portfolio during his tenure as Head of Treasury Operations. He is the author of the weekly “Calamatta Cuschieri Market Review”, which outlines market developments most notably in the Eurozone and the US, focusing on credit markets, economics and FX issues.

In fulfillment of his role as Investment Manager, Mark acts as a voting member on a number of Investment Committees entrusted with the management of UCITS and non-UCITS collective investment schemes.

My Blog Posts

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  • Market risk within the context of a portfolio

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 6th November 2018
    Investments, whichever shape they take, inevitably involve an element of risk. I say inevitable as it is the degree of risk which is commensurate with the return on an investment. Investments may take varying forms, .
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  • Credit markets keep investors on edge

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 2nd November 2018
    If the first ten months of the year is anything to go by, then the final straight of 2018 is expected to keep investors edgy as the trajectory of global assets seems as uncertain as .
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  • End of year rally in sight? Who knows…

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 30th October 2018
    2018 has been, putting it lightly, a challenging year, not only for investors but also for asset managers, analysts and market participants. Some would call it a rollercoaster ride. In all fairness, there were times .
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  • Credit markets seem to be at inflection point

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 9th October 2018
    Trade wars. Global Central Bank Monetary Policy. Italian budget negotiations.Those 3 factors. In no particular order of relevance nor in any order of the potential impact they could have, in isolation, to single-handedly derail markets, .
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  • Asset Classes and Investment Options

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 2nd October 2018
    Undoubtedly, a successful investment strategy is a result of hard-thought process which every individual investor plans out. Investing without any form of plan, targets, goals or policies could mark the recipe for disaster. Planning is .
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  • Coming to terms with financial markets

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 25th September 2018
    Heading into the final straight of 2018, with the final quarter of the year merely a few trading sessions, it is important for market participants across all the capital markets spectrum, asset managers, advisors and .