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Mark Vella

Investment Manager

Mark Vella is an Investment Manager at Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management.

Mark graduated with Honors in Banking & Finance from the University of Malta in 2005. He started his career as a senior investment officer within the investment arm of one of Malta’s largest banks, later on becoming an Investment Manager on Fixed Income and Structured Products, where he spent a total of five years and a half. He subsequently moved to Calamatta Cuschieri in the summer of 2011 as Head of Treasury Operations. Mark’s background is primarily in fixed income and he has in fact managed CC’s proprietary fixed income portfolio during his tenure as Head of Treasury Operations. He is the author of the weekly “Calamatta Cuschieri Market Review”, which outlines market developments most notably in the Eurozone and the US, focusing on credit markets, economics and FX issues.

In fulfillment of his role as Investment Manager, Mark acts as a voting member on a number of Investment Committees entrusted with the management of UCITS and non-UCITS collective investment schemes.

My Blog Posts

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    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 16th April 2019
    There are many misconceptions around regarding the difference between a bond and a bond fund. This article will serve to outline the key differences between both instruments, and what to look out for when investing .
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  • Central Banks and their impacts on markets

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 26th March 2019
    Central bank dovishness is, more often than not, interpreted as a sign that the region’s economy is primarily sub-par (below expectations) in terms of growth prospects, lending itself to an underlying issue faced by central .
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  • Analysing Asset Correlations in Portfolio Management

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    Anyone within the industry must have inevitably heard about the risk-reward trade-off or risk-adjusted returns. Understanding and managing portfolio and investment risks within an investor’s basket of investments is paramount in ensuring returns commensurate with .
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  • What’s in store for Q2?

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 12th March 2019
    For those who have been following markets, both credit and equity over the past few quarters, it would be safe to say that large volatility has been pretty much the order of the day. Marked .
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  • Understanding how Hedged Share Classes work

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 5th March 2019
    Any person working within the Funds industry as well as those people whose investment portfolio consists of some allocation, in any shape or form to funds, foreign Funds in particular, will note that, over recent .