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  • Wmip
  • Why Manufacturing is Important

    Full Story | - | 9th August 2019
    Tariffs tanking manufacturingFollowing delayed US.-China trade negotiations last week, US President Trump tweeted that he intends to impose a 10 percent tariff starting in the beginning of September on the remaining $300 billion in Chinese .
  • Cnm
  • China’s next move

    Full Story | - | 9th August 2019
    With the ongoing trade war, China’s leaders have had to come to terms with the threat of becoming involved in a long-term struggle with the U.S over trade disputes and other issues. A lack of .
  • Vgoth
  • Vietnam growth on the horizon

    Full Story | - | 9th August 2019
    It was only up until recently that Vietnam has attracted global investor interest as a possible beneficiary of the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China, but investors have also taken notice of the .
  • Indproeur
  • Industrial Production in the Eurozone

    Full Story | - | 18th July 2019
    Recent data has shown that Industrial Production has increased in May, but numbers are insufficient to propel investor sentiment higher in the absence of an improved trade outlook. Hence, the possibility that manufacturing could be .
  • Ecofegy
  • Macroeconomic Potential in Egypt

    Full Story | - | 11th July 2019
    As an emerging market, Egypt has started to stand out after The World Bank projections estimated that the country’s economic growth will reach 5.8 percent in 2020 and 6 percent in 2021. These projections are .
  • Peppapig
  • Italy`s noise resurfaces

    Full Story | - | 11th June 2019
    Italy’s debt burden was a very noteworthy concern (and still is) for the euro zone, this time last year. The reason being that Italy is one of the largest economies in the euro zone, and .
  • Bangcrates
  • Tariffs and GDP Impact

    Full Story | - | 29th May 2019
    Political bias might be interfering with the accurate dissemination of information on how the tariffs on China will impact the U.S. economy. The players opposing tariffs say it will reduce GDP and those supportive of .
  • Pertut
  • Let`s talk about Europe

    Full Story | - | 17th May 2019
    Better growth figuresThe eurozone's GDP grew by a better than expected 0.4 per cent in the first quarter or, specifically, 1.2 per cent year-on-year.Italy put in 0.2 per cent GDP growth, thereby ending the technical .