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  • Is Japan heading to troubled waters?

    Full Story | - | 24th July 2020
    During its policy meeting last Wednesday, the Bank of Japan signalled its intention to maintain Quantitative Easing measures, such as maintaining ultra-low interest rate policy, purchasing ETFs and J-REITS, and continuing corporate lending programs as .
  • Merkel
  • Germany: Austerity Mindset No More

    Full Story | - | 10th July 2020
    Germany has been one of the more effective countries in managing through the coronavirus’ impacts. German coronavirus cases which peaked in April never really overpowered the health system and have since dropped to more manageable .
  • Rusbra
  • Coronavirus pandemic: Brazil vs Russia

    Full Story | - | 16th June 2020
    The most common topic on people’s mind is the coronavirus epidemic. This epidemic has had several immediate consequences all over the world and on everyone’s lives. Delving into specific economies, what did this mean for .
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  • Money, money and more money

    Full Story | - | 25th May 2020
    Money supply growth can often be a helpful measure of economic activity. During periods of economic boom, money supply tends to grow quickly as banks make more loans. Recessions, on the other hand, tend to .
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  • The U.S. feeling the pinch of COVID-19

    Full Story | - | 12th May 2020
    In April, the combined effect of the coronavirus and oil price wars affected economies globally, with an expected deterioration in economic activity, impacting both leading and lagging indicators such as indices for manufacturing and services .