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  • Picture Of United States Flag
  • Is the U.S. at its peak?

    Full Story | - | 6th December 2018
    Ten years after the global financial crisis, it is safe to say that the U.S. has come out in a far stronger position than most other major economies. Output is up 23% from the 2009 .
  • Indian_rupee
  • A boon and bane for India’s rupee

    Full Story | - | 4th December 2018
    The boon – Oil PriceAn outstanding Asian currency this month was the Indian rupee (INR) that went up 4.4 percent month-to-date against the U.S Dollar. At 70.6 the USD/INR has retraced a chunk of the .
  • Eu_flag_lights
  • Signs of Life in the Eurozone?

    Full Story | - | 22nd November 2018
    Eurozone finance ministers met again last Monday to debate possible measures for additional integration in the Eurozone. In the agenda of the second half of 2017, the deepening of the monetary union was a priority .
  • Bondscoins Etc Thinkstock
  • Bonds and rising interest rates

    Full Story | - | 15th November 2018
    Given the Fed’s latest interest rate hike, interest rates have been moving up. Thus, portfolios that contain long-term asset allocations are now experiencing more volatility and hence, a reallocation should be considered. What would be .
  • 123456
  • A parallel currency?

    Full Story | - | 9th November 2018
    As the Italian economy halts yet again and as the budget stalemate with its European partners intensifies, the idea of a parallel currency for Italy is again being heard around. The basic idea of this .