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  • Italy`s noise resurfaces

    Full Story | - | 11th June 2019
    Italy’s debt burden was a very noteworthy concern (and still is) for the euro zone, this time last year. The reason being that Italy is one of the largest economies in the euro zone, and .
  • Bangcrates
  • Tariffs and GDP Impact

    Full Story | - | 29th May 2019
    Political bias might be interfering with the accurate dissemination of information on how the tariffs on China will impact the U.S. economy. The players opposing tariffs say it will reduce GDP and those supportive of .
  • Pertut
  • Let`s talk about Europe

    Full Story | - | 17th May 2019
    Better growth figuresThe eurozone's GDP grew by a better than expected 0.4 per cent in the first quarter or, specifically, 1.2 per cent year-on-year.Italy put in 0.2 per cent GDP growth, thereby ending the technical .
  • Turkey Economic Crisis
  • Turkey`s current condition

    Full Story | - | 17th May 2019
    Turkey’s economic outlook and failed attempts to nurture investor interest in Turkey, it is expected that the Lira’s future will be bleak.Turkey Needs CashThe Turkish economy has been highly dependent on foreign credit since the .
  • Stock Photo Euro Money 70607443
  • Where is the Euro Heading?

    Full Story | - | 25th April 2019
    While Europe experienced tension and wars between neighbouring countries for centuries, in the end the nations decided to come together to create a political and economic powerhouse – the European Union - that could compete .
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  • Switzerland`s Debt

    Full Story | - | 21st March 2019
    Switzerland is an exception when analysing the level of its debt. According to the IMF, gross public debt was equivalent to 41.8 percent of GDP in 2017 of which 14.5 percent of GDP is borne .
  • Oilrig
  • Global crude oil influencers

    Full Story | - | 7th March 2019
    Crude Oil is one of the world’s most demanded commodity because of its versatility in terms of products. The six most influential countries of the said commodity include the U., Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and .