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Jordan Portelli

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  • Rising overseas borrowing

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 23rd April 2019
    From my experience within the fixed income space, specifically the riskier bonds segment, we have been observing an increase in the number of companies borrowing from other jurisdictions. Over the past years we have seen .
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  • The recent tone of monetary politicians

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 25th January 2019
    About six weeks ago, the European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed that it was unwinding its quantitative easing programme, based on the fact that it was seeing a recovery in Eurozone economy. A move which markets .
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  • A torrid year for markets

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 21st December 2018
    We are approaching year-end, and to say that 2018 was a difficult year for markets is an understatement. Indeed, 2018 will be marked as one of the most volatile years over the past 10 years .
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  • Investors responsibility

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 14th December 2018
    A few days ago, I had the pleasure to address a short presentation on what is a relatively new theme to locals, that is the prospects market and I also formed part of a panel .
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  • European HY debt, worth the dip?

    Full Story | - Investment Manager | 23rd November 2018
    European high yield (HY) debt over the past years has emerged as one of the best performing assets within its class. The reach for yield quarter on quarter was one of the reasons why this .