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Darin Pace

Head of Capital Markets

Darin Pace is Head of Capital Markets at Calamatta Cuschieri.

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  • Greece01
  • It`s all Greek to me

    Full Story | - Head of Capital Markets | 9th July 2015
    The saga in Greece continues and so far a solution has not been found. The last few weeks have been very volatile and when one thinks that a solution is close there is always a .
  • FOMC meeting round up

    Full Story | - Head of Capital Markets | 18th June 2015
    The main event of yesterday was the Fed meeting which every market participant was keenly waiting for. No great surprises, as the Fed kept its target rate on hold.Data suggests that the US economy has .
  • What is moving markets?

    Full Story | - Head of Capital Markets | 7th May 2015
    At the time of going to print European futures are currently in the red. But what is really driving the markets? Greece continues to create noise albeit many are of the opinion that a solution .
  • Oil, Greece and QE – the main culprits

    Full Story | - Head of Capital Markets | 16th April 2015
    Are we there yet? Pony asked Shrek. Are we there yet? Investors are asking. Yesterday all eyes were on the European Central Bank (ECB) as President Mario Draghi shrugged off any idea that a bubble .
  • Greek Debt Talks

    Full Story | - Head of Capital Markets | 18th February 2015
    Greece continues to be in the spot light and not for the right reasons. Talks between Greece and the nation’s creditors stalled on Monday as no positive development was achieved. Today, Greece is expected to .
  • A softer tone from Greece

    Full Story | - Head of Capital Markets | 3rd February 2015
    The nation of Greece yesterday announced a plan that instead of proposing write downs will exchange current debt to new borrowings that will be linked to the country’s Growth. This is a much softer tone .
  • Market Round Up

    Full Story | - Head of Capital Markets | 30th January 2015
    Markets traded higher overnight as Greece and oil continue to take centre stage. Today marks the last trading day for January and perhaps it is good to analyse how markets fared so far. On the .
  • Draghi delivers the famous QE

    Full Story | - Head of Capital Markets | 23rd January 2015
    Mario Draghi lived up to his promise as the ECB yesterday launched a bond buying program that is set to run until September 2016. The fact that is open ended is positive in the sense .
  • The Oil and QE saga

    Full Story | - Head of Capital Markets | 13th January 2015
    Markets across the board traded higher yesterday as oil continued its slide and analysts continued to analyse this effect in terms of curbed growth. On the back of this, yield on treasuries continued to fall .