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  • Valeo half yearly report

    Full Story | - | 24th July 2017
    (Article written by Andre Cauchi, Junior Investment Advisor)One of the factors that an investor considers before investing in a particular company is the performance and how sound it is. Following the half yearly reports being .
  • ECB
  • Outcome of yesterday’s ECB meeting

    Full Story | - | 21st July 2017
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY ANDRE CAUCHI, JUNIOR INVESTMENT ADVISOR)Investors’ attention was redirected to the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting yesterday. They speculated on whether Mario Draghi will hint on tapering of the quantitative easing program (QE) .
  • Foresight in equity investing

    Full Story | - | 13th July 2017
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY ANTOINE BRIFFA)It may sound cliché, but having foresight is definitely an asset when investing in the equity market. In reality every day the story goes something like this; needless to say, the .
  • Markets
  • European Energy Shares

    Full Story | - | 22nd June 2017
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY ANTOINE BRIFFA)While the general European equity index remained flat over 2016, the energy sector gained 21 percent. This performance contrasts with 2017 where equities in general are up 8 percent while the .
  • Mg_blog4
  • Regulation and Integrity

    Full Story | - | 14th June 2017
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY MATHIEU GANADO) Managing funds, portfolios and/or investment accounts requires a great deal of investment knowledge over and above familiarity with ever-changing regulations.Many could say that managing investments in the 80’s and 90’s .