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Christopher Cutajar

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  • ToM1510
  • US Election impact on EM economies

    Full Story | - | 15th October 2020
    With less than 20 days away from the prominent US election and 100 days away from Inauguration day, investors, anxiously awaiting the electorates’ verdict, are looking closely at both polls and probabilities. The importance of .
  • Tom06.08
  • Brazil – A hint of optimism

    Full Story | - | 6th August 2020
    Following Jair Bolsonaro’s 2018 presidential victory, social and pro-business reforms were enacted. Amongst other initiatives, lowering borrowing costs, back then, to its lowest on record and the well-needed pension reform, set to reduce the government’s .
  • TOM30.07
  • Gold rallies as doubts persist

    Full Story | - | 30th July 2020
    Despite being heavily hit in March, perhaps due to being a victim of the so-called 'dash for cash', Gold, supported by a long list of factors, namely; increase in geopolitical tensions, real rates tumbling, the .