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Christopher Cutajar

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  • Tom06.08
  • Brazil – A hint of optimism

    Full Story | - | 6th August 2020
    Following Jair Bolsonaro’s 2018 presidential victory, social and pro-business reforms were enacted. Amongst other initiatives, lowering borrowing costs, back then, to its lowest on record and the well-needed pension reform, set to reduce the government’s .
  • TOM30.07
  • Gold rallies as doubts persist

    Full Story | - | 30th July 2020
    Despite being heavily hit in March, perhaps due to being a victim of the so-called 'dash for cash', Gold, supported by a long list of factors, namely; increase in geopolitical tensions, real rates tumbling, the .
  • Lagarde16.07
  • ECB expected to stay put

    Full Story | - | 16th July 2020
    Presumed to be already economically weak, the Euro area’s prospect of a near-term economic revival, following the COVID-19 outbreak, has undoubtedly been hindered. Pressure on policymakers to take preventive measures to stimulate the economy and .
  • Gold09.07
  • COVID-19 impact on precious metals

    Full Story | - | 9th July 2020
    Ensuing the recent economic downturn, intensified by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, investor demand for precious metals, those not solely reliant to industrial applications, has significantly increased to safeguard the invested capital, this portrayed in the .