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Christopher Cutajar

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  • ToM2101
  • Year 2020 in review: credit markets

    Full Story | - | 21st January 2021
    Global financial markets certainly did not lack drama in 2020.The coronavirus pandemic, breaking up of the OPEC+ agreement, substantial monetary and fiscal stimulus packages, U.S. presidential election, and lastly the highly anticipated developments on coronavirus .
  • ToM2910
  • Outlook: Industrial metals

    Full Story | - | 29th October 2020
    On the back of a challenging period for the industrial sector in 2019 - a year when it struggled with tariffs and experienced early signs of a demand slowdown, the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing .
  • ToM1510
  • US Election impact on EM economies

    Full Story | - | 15th October 2020
    With less than 20 days away from the prominent US election and 100 days away from Inauguration day, investors, anxiously awaiting the electorates’ verdict, are looking closely at both polls and probabilities. The importance of .