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  • Asset Classes and Investment Options

    Full Story | - | 2nd October 2018
    Undoubtedly, a successful investment strategy is a result of hard-thought process which every individual investor plans out. Investing without any form of plan, targets, goals or policies could mark the recipe for disaster. Planning is .
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  • FIMBank interim results

    Full Story | - | 29th August 2018
    FIMBank discussed its interim financial results for the 6 months ended in June 2018 during stock brokers meeting held last Monday 27th August. The interim results are confirming that the Bank has got over the .
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  • It’s all gone cold Turkey

    Full Story | - | 14th August 2018
    The summer months for global capital markets, particularly the fortnight over mid-August are usually commensurate with low levels of investor activity, low trading volumes, low levels of volatility. We call it the lull of the .