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  • When to Start Investing

    Full Story | - | 22nd November 2017
    The majority of individuals find it difficult to time their initial investing phase. There are seven steps that Dave Ramsey, a famous American businessman, who specialised in personal finance, suggested to guide individuals accordingly. I .
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  • Simple Game Theory and Cataluna

    Full Story | - | 16th November 2017
    Game Theory is a topic that is usually taught in Economic education, but sadly many people without economic degrees are not exposed to it. Game Theory is the studying of the interaction between individuals in .
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  • What is a good investment?

    Full Story | - | 3rd November 2017
    Every individual or investor’s situation is different, and this brings about a different way of investment. We need to review this by considering such situation economically, socially, by age, etc. After we answer this question .
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  • Water as your alternative

    Full Story | - | 23rd August 2017
    Ever asked yourself what life would be like without the basic needs? Water, food and oxygen are all natural luxuries we take for granted, yet what happens when one of these becomes scarce? Whilst oxygen .
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  • Markets heave sigh of relief

    Full Story | - | 17th August 2017
    Global markets were higher on Wednesday as geopolitical tensions regarding North Korea eased, and as investors tracked a muted performance overnight on Wall Street. European markets were in the green, led by gains in basic .
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  • The Investor spectrum

    Full Story | - | 16th August 2017
    So you want to invest? How do you go about it? And if so, what assets are available to you for generating future wealth and income?Investing has become a popular alternative to fixed term deposits .