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  • AA11234
  • Market research on Mariner Finance plc

    Full Story | - | 19th August 2020
    Mariner Finance plc (“MRN”) was set-up as a financing vehicle for the Mariner Group. The Group is predominantly focused in the investment, development, and operation of sea terminals, namely in Riga, Latvia. Additionally, the Group .
  • CVStomAND
  • Robust business models in a COVID-19 world

    Full Story | - | 12th August 2020
    The absence of household necessities from store shelves witnessed in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, illustrate that regardless of any economic conditions, people still need to buy groceries, consumer staples, food, cleaners, and .
  • CBCandTOM
  • Central Business Centres plc credit analysis

    Full Story | - | 29th July 2020
    The principal activity of CBC is to hold commercial property for investment purposes and generate returns from such properties through rental agreements. The Issuer currently operates three business centres in Zebbug, Gudja and St. Julian’s. .
  • MPCandTOM
  • Malta Properties Company plc stock analysis

    Full Story | - | 15th July 2020
    The coronavirus pandemic has impacted several industries, such as travel, hospitality and restaurants. The negative repercussions of the COVID-19 outbreak have also presented several challenges to the local real estate industry. This uncertainty has been .
  • Retailandrewtom
  • The digitalisation of the retail industry

    Full Story | - | 1st July 2020
    The global COVID-19 pandemic has dominated headlines across the world for months now, and the impact it has had on several industries, including travel, hospitality and restaurants, has been devastating. The retail industry is no .