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  • Rebalancing an investment portfolio

    Full Story | - | 6th March 2019
    Portfolio rebalancing refers to the process through which investors periodically resets and realigns the weightings of a portfolio comprising of a mix of stocks and bonds with the main aim to maintain the original desired .
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  • Is beta a good measure of risk?

    Full Story | - | 15th February 2019
    Risk, together with the willingness to accept it, are two key elements in determining the likelihood of stock market profitability. Beta, which is an analytical technique long used by security analysts and portfolio managers, is .
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  • Safeguarding the European bond market

    Full Story | - | 5th December 2018
    The completion of Greece’s financial rescue programme this summer has been highly regarded by many policymakers as the end of the Eurozone crisis. However, the current confrontation between the European Commission and Italy over fiscal .