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Alan Cuschieri

Group Co-CEO

Mr. Alan Cuschieri is responsible for the management of the company's operations and the strategic business development of the firm.

Mr. Cuschieri was responsible for the opening of the Qormi Branch (2009), Calamatta Cuschieri’s upgrade to a Category 3 licence (2009), the founding of Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Services (2010) the upgrade of the company’s IT infrastructure (2010), the introduction of the company’s Discretionary Portfolio Services (2011), and the development of CC WebTrader™(2011) as well as the company’s new website (2012).

Mr Cuschieri graduated from the University of Bournemouth (UK) and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Financial Services. He also obtained an International Capital Markets Certification from the London Securities Institute (ICMQ).

My Blog Posts

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  • The main risks for 2018

    Full Story | - Group Co-CEO | 4th January 2018
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY ANTOINE BRIFFA)Optimism is a word that is much more at comfort going into 2018 than it ever was in 2017; growth is a constant almost globally, and deflation is off the vocabulary. .
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  • December Global Macro so far

    Full Story | - Group Co-CEO | 21st December 2017
    (This article was written by Antoine Briffa)US data remains consistent with an ideal solid growth scenario. The non-manufacturing conditions ISM index fell in November and this may be due to hurricane-related distortions, however, in any .
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  • Properties of a Valid Benchmark

    Full Story | - Group Co-CEO | 18th December 2017
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY KRISTIAN CAMENZULI)Different asset classes exhibit different risk and return characteristics. The use of passive benchmarks serves to represent those risk and return characteristics as used in an asset mix study, leading to .
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  • The importance of financial education

    Full Story | - Group Co-CEO | 12th December 2017
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY MARK VELLA)As a practitioner within the finance community, I cannot but stress the importance of financial education on the local scene. I am not the first and will definitely not be the .
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  • Financial Literacy

    Full Story | - Group Co-CEO | 20th October 2017
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY MARK VELLA, INVESTMENT MANAGER)I have been opining for a number of years that education on finance is becoming ever more critical in this day and age, not only for investment purposes but .
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  • Some positive earnings reports

    Full Story | - Group Co-CEO | 13th October 2017
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY RODRICK DUCA, TRADER)Markets in Europe closed flat to higher on Thursday as investors focused on banks' earnings and digested the latest news on Brexit. Earlier, JPMorgan and Citigroup announced their results for .
  • Quantitative easing in Malta revisited

    Full Story | - Group Co-CEO | 24th August 2017
    (ARTICLE WRITTEN BY ANTOINE BRIFFA)Back in January 2015 in an article titled ‘Implementation of Quantitative Easing in Malta’ I had forecast the following;“Part of the funds will be redirected into the property market. This may .