About Calamatta Cuschieri

What security do I have when investing through Calamatta Cuschieri ?
How long has your firm been in operation?
Where are your offices located?
What are your opening hours?
I have special needs, how accessible are your offices?

Investing with Calamatta Cuschieri

How much money do I need to open an account with Calamatta Cuschieri?
What is the minimum amount of money that I can invest?
If I invest in investments that pay regular interest, how can I receive this?
How can I transfer money to my account with Calamatta Cuschieri via online banking?
How often will I receive an investment portfolio valuation and statement of my cash balances?
What currencies can I open an account in?
I would like to visit one of your advisors, do I need to book an appointment?
I would like to find out more about activating my account online.

Independent Financial Advisors

Who are your investment advisors?
What is the difference between an independent financial advisor and a tied agent?
Do your advisors receive commission for any investments they make on clients behalf?

Investment Related

I am interested in investing in bonds. How do they work?
I am interested in investing in funds. Which ones can I invest in?
Do you offer capital guaranteed products? How do these work?
Do you offer investments that invest in property?
What are the risks involved with investing?

Fees & Other

What are your service fees?
Do you charge clients an annual management fee for investments held with Calamatta Cuschieri?
I am not a Maltese national. Can I still invest through Calamatta Cuschieri?
What is W-8BEN Form and why do I need it?
Do you charge extra fees for dividends or corporate actions on International shares?