Why Malta?

Malta resides at a truly cosmopolitan location that is ideal for effective international business contacts. Lacking rich natural resources, Malta’s main assets reside in the human capital, international business contacts and innovation.

Malta boasts of an internationally qualified and professional workforce with expertise diverse areas. Due to the geographical nature of the islands, Maltese companies have always effectively harnessed international business with both small and global companies. Thus, despite the small size, Malta is today a truly globally competitive country with specialisation in specific niches such as finance, ICT, online gaming, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and high value added manufacturing amongst others.

From a finance perspective, Malta is internationally recognised as a major financial jurisdiction with a well regulated but efficient and business friendly regulatory environment. This is vouched by the ever increasing number of international financial operators that are establishing a presence in Malta. It offers excellent possibilities for low-cost financing of investment transactions and international activities. All domestic and foreign transactions are handled quickly and reliably by Maltese and foreign banks with the latest technology.

Hosing a number of global players, Malta continually invests heavily in infrastructure. The islands enjoy high speed redundant broadband penetration and connectivity connected to the international backbone, world class telecommunication systems, state of the art equipment, modern dwelling, efficient transport system and excellent international flight connectivity. Malta has high standards of living as well as comparatively low running costs for business operations.

Maltese standard time is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and six hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time (EST), allowing for excellent business operations with the international community.

Nature also endowed Malta with a truly warm Mediterranean climate with fascinating beaches and a diverse cuisine. Malta is considered as one of the safest countries to live in globally. People in Malta also speak fluent English. Although small in size, Malta offers all sorts of attractions ranging from entertaining night life to world heritage sites and everything in between.