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  • Christmas in Malta
  • The Best Way to Spend Your Christmas Money

    Full Story | 20th December 2019
    The Best Way to Spend Your Christmas Money Christmas time is near. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and to overindulge in food, drinks and spending. Wouldn’t it be wiser though to maximize your hard-earned cash?   Investing in .
  • bond guide
  • Getting started with Bond Investing

    Full Story | 22nd April 2013
    What is a bond? A bond, better known as a fixed-income instrument, is a fairly simple and straightforward investment whose concept is easy to grasp. A bond is simply a loan taken out by companies....
  • pexels-lukas-590020
  • Using Compound Interest as a Savings Plan

    Full Story | 21st February 2013
    Compound interest is the concept of adding accumulated interest earned back to the original amount invested, so that interest is earned on interest from that moment on (multiplier effect). The act of adding interest to the nominal amount....