Introduction & Mission Statement


Calamatta Cuschieri is one of Malta’s largest financial services firms that pioneered the local industry as early as 1972. Today the company offers a wide range of services across a variety of financial assets, these include Independent Investment Advice, Live Online Trading, Fund Services, Investment Management Services & Discretionary Portfolio Services amongst others.

Mission Statement

At Calamatta Cuschieri we are committed to providing our clients with a personalised, high value and comprehensive service.

We believe in the well being of our staff, in the importance of constant innovation, and in the utilisation of the latest technologies to achieve our mission.

Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Advisors & Stockbrokers

Calamatta Cuschieri’s Independent Investment Advisors help investors to build tailor made investment portfolios. We invest directly in the markets and offer a wide spectrum of financial assets such as Bonds, Shares, ETFs, Funds and other instruments. With a philosophy to consistently service clients in an honest and personalised manner, the firm has moved from strength to strength gaining an excellent reputation along the way.

Calamatta Cuschieri’s online trading platform is a state of the art, fully owned proprietary platform. Calamatta Cuschieri holds a category 3 license and is able to deal directly in the market, the company has over 40 years of experience in International Bonds.

Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Services

Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Services (CCFS) offers a full range of services to funds. From the setting up and launch of a fund, to the administration and ongoing support of funds throughout their lifetime, we are committed to provide both a highly efficient and personal service. Find out more about CCFS here.

Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management

Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management (CCIM) provides investment services to Funds and Corporate clients. Investment Management services are provided via specifically set up Investment Committees and are composed of a number of Portfolio Managers who boast significant investment management experience dealing in the international financial markets. Find out more about CCIM here.

History – Key Events

The story of this successful firm started to unfold many years ago, long before the advent of stockbroking and fund management in Malta was even a dream, by a young and aspiring Alfred Calamatta.

Mr Calamatta started his career with Barclays Bank DCO in 1955 and later joined Edwards Chandler Wagstaffe & Co. in 1967 as a ‘Blue Button’ on the floor of the London Stock Exchange. In 1972, Mr Alfred Calamatta formed A. Calamatta & Partners, to provide investment and stockbroking services in the Maltese islands, even prior to the regularisation of the Maltese financial market.

In 1992, Mr Calamatta reorganised his investment company and went into partnership with Mr Alexander Cuschieri to form Calamatta Cuschieri & Co. Ltd. That same year the company also assisted in the establishing of the Malta Stock Exchange of which it is a founding member.

In 1998 Mr. Alan Cuschieri & Mr. Nick Calamatta joined the firm.

In May of 2007, Mr. Alan Cuschieri & Mr. Nick Calamatta were elected to the executive Board of Directors.

In July of 2008 Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Services was launched

In December of 2008 Calamatta Cuschieri obtained a Category 3 license enabling it to deal directly in the market.

In March of 2009 Calamatta Cuschieri opened a branch in the heart of Qormi.

In June of 2011 Calamatta Cuschieri unveiled CC WebTrader, a propitiatory live online trading platform.

In November of 2011 Calamatta Cuschieri launched its very own, self managed, High Income Bond Funds

In July of 2012 Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management was launched.

In July of 2012 Mr. Michael Galea was appointed as Head of Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Services and Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management

In March of 2013 Calamatta Cuschieri launched its own CC Momentum Savings Plan.

In May of 2015 Calamatta Cuschieri opened a new branch in Tower Road, Sliema.

In June of 2015 Calamatta Cuschieri launches mobile trading of its award winning platform CCTrader.

In September of 2015 Calamatta Cuschieri opened a new branch in Fgura.

In October of 2015, Mr Michael Galea is appointed Managing Director of CCFS & CCIM.

In November of 2015 Calamatta Cuschieri launched its very own, Global Balanced Income Fund.

In March of 2016 Calamatta Cuschieri acquired Crystal Finance Investments Ltd.

In January of 2017, Mr. Michael Galea was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Calamatta Cuschieri Group.

In May of 2017, Calamatta Cuschieri launches Brand and Pepper Marketing Agency.

In June of 2017, Calamatta Cuschieri launches new Head office in B’Kara.

In June of 2017,  Calamatta Cuschieri is appointed as the representatives of UBS Funds in Malta.

Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Services Ltd has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1972, and today is proud of its history but prouder still of the personalised service that has produced an established base of satisfied and loyal clients over the years.

Our timeline in pictures

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