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  • Apple
  • Apple Watch Could Make Gold Cool Again

    Full Story | 13th March 2015
    If anyone could make gold jewelry fashionable to Americans and Europeans, it’s Apple Inc.U.S., U.K. and Italian demand for baubles made from the metal has been cut in half over the past decade, according to .
  • Larry Ellison
  • Ellison’s Paycheck is $103 Mil and its Still a Bargain

    Full Story | 12th March 2015
    Larry Ellison has had a hard time persuading investors like Catherine Jackson he’s worth his $103 million paycheck.The billionaire’s compensation is creating a culture at Oracle Corp. that’s “bad verging on toxic,” Jackson, a senior .
  • Google opens its first ever store in…

    Full Story | 11th March 2015
    Google has opened its first ever store in London as an increasing number of digital companies are looking to get closer to their consumers.The Google Shop will be based in the store of U.K. electronics .