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  • Gold_beads
  • Cheap Oil Is Dragging Down the Price of Gold

    Full Story | 23rd December 2014
    Gold, the ultimate inflation hedge, isn’t much use to investors these days.Oil is in a bear-market freefall that began in June, spearheading the longest commodity slump in at least a generation. The collapse means that .
  • What does a weaker ruble mean for Europe?

    Full Story | 19th December 2014
    The ruble has been making headlines for some time now although the dramatic tone has increased significantly this week. Since this year began, the Russian currency depreciated from 32 RUB/USD to 60 RUB/USD, with the .
  • Bond
  • Austrian to Dutch Bonds Fall on Fed speech

    Full Story | 19th December 2014
    Government bonds from Austria to the Netherlands fell, pushing 10-year yields up from record lows, as global equities rallied on the Federal Reserve’s pledge to be patient on the timing of rate increases.Benchmark German (GDBR10) .
  • Philps
  • Philips Buys Volcano for $1 Billion

    Full Story | 17th December 2014
    Royal Philips NV agreed to buy Volcano Corp. for $1 billion to expand in catheter-based imaging of the heart and blood vessels as part of a wider refocus on more profitable markets such as medical .